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Retro Vibes

Used to play this all the time during class lol

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Something i would recommend to help, would be to add a soft gliding melody over the top, i think it would make the tune pop alot more, also, you should make sure you master the "drop" section a bit better, maybe use an equalizer to separate the high medium and low ends of the track, because the low end synth was a bit harsh, even for the style. otherwise though, good stuff this would make some awesome bossfight music! i really enjoyed listening, looking forward to hearing it develop :)

Fuckin awesome, this made my ears nut <3

SokolMusic responds:

I'm glad that you enjoyed the song so much, but if you could refrain from using profanity, I would appreciate it.

One recommendation i would have is to use more dynamic contrast throughout the piece to create more points of interest, I would also recommend using more reverb and panning effects on the higher ends of your track, such as the hi hat curls and high register synths, this should give the song a more full texture, and I would add more melodic ideas over the top of the beat, a rhodes piano would probably sound wicked! but otherwise i love the gritty texture you were able to capture in this composition, it reminded me a lot of the movie tron, and I love it so much, but you could definitely do more with this, and I'm looking forward to hearing more tracks :) cuz this is awesome

djRemedy responds:

Thank you for the constructive review and compliments, friend!

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he got possessed by the Lich broh.

I like making beats and loops, to express myself through beeps and boops

Beep Boop ?

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